Time Element

Gives you the time you need - for your patients

Boosting efficiency by up to 176%

TimeElement software helps hospitals and practices reap significant efficiency gains and derive novel data-driven insights for their operations in real time.

Two years worth of empirical data from our pilot system indicates that a real time interface can increase efficiency by up to 176%. The pilot system currently saves an average of up to 1 hour per day for certain healthcare workers. Our team is now refining the real time approach to deliver further untapped value in healthcare processes.


Seamlessy integrating real time technology

TimeElement is a real time tool to manage resources, control workflows and improve collaboration as well as communication.

We strive to build solutions that seamlessly enhance the experience of patients, medical staff and hospital management.

Problems we address

Lack of digitalization

Inefficient processes with multiple media breaks

Cost Pressure

Rising cost pressure in healthcare sector

Lack of data analytics

No insight into money sinks and resource occupancy


Long and unpredictable waiting times for patients

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